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Supra Slide & Glide Results
Sunday 10th February 2008

The first annual Supra Slide & Glide contest has been completed. Saturday's conditions were perfect, 14 quality riders hit the course and showcased New Zealand's depth of wakeboarding talent. The big supra ran faultlessly providing a perfect pull and solid wake. Sundays conditions were narly but a few of the faithful still got out to entertain the crowds. AWS would like to personally thank the Sponsors, volunteers and riders who supported the competition.

Supra Boats
Boarder town
Liquid force
Jet Pilot
Ski Trading Post

The Farquharson Family, Chris, Ricky, Fanta pants, Nic, Kev Hales, Antonio Collins, Josh O, & the Ellis Family. A big thank you to Jeff for donating his prize money to AWC to build a new slider for next season.

Official placings:
Open Woman:
1st Andrea Fountain $300
2nd Charlotte Mills $200

Open Men:
1st Jeff Weatherall $500
2nd Josh O Connell $300
3rd Antz Collings $200
4th Paul Maguire
5th Brendan Ellis
6th Callum Farquharson
7th Ben Smith
8th Gavin Broadbent
9th James Tingey
10th Logan Collier
11th Nick Nilsson
12th Jesse Cassrles

Photo Gallery